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The softly sung notes float through each one of my pores

Filling my blood with sadness

The music makes me remember

I can’t keep my face in its attentive smile

Overcome with a sweet recipe of blossoming and inevitable


Mixing with the healing my body is trying to accomplish

I’m hoping no one notices that

I am not who I say I am


I am not




There is a blue oil under my skin. 


It fills each and every pore, 

Letting nothing out, 

But letting nothing in either. 


It suffocates and kills like a new breed of cancer, 

Deadly and terrifying, 

And I can’t tell if it’s alive or not. 


It seems to grow and breathe. 


Over time it had excreted a thick substance, 

You could mistake it for skin. 



It feels dead. 

Like my aunt’s hands when she gets too cold and no blood can reach her limbs and they feel slick and hard to the touch. 


Slick and hard, 

Born out of slimy blue oil, 


Self- destroying, 


But self made. 


I guess that means it can be diluted. 

Cranial Hallucination

The intricate gold and purple flower dissolves into 

My head 

As it is stretched and compressed by the lotus flowers encircling me

The newborn pink 

Petals flutter in an unfelt wind and press softly 

Slowly releasing their gentle 



I have to draw my entwining limbs 

As they feel their way through the stagnant and yet ever changing pool of 




And into the invisible soil 


I’m told to describe it but I can’t even see it 

So I cheat to make her happy 

“My feet feel good, in control, grounded” 

But I’m spinning in another dimension 


Grieving that I am not that beautiful flower, 

Reaching into the clouds and feeling no limit 


I have to draw my fantastical body 

But they won’t let me 

My hands 

The voices 

The pencils I interchange in steadily diminishing hope 

So I remain in that dimension

And the page remains blank 


To translate that undiscovered beauty. 


A blocked plughole

A tap drips. 

And the plughole is closed up.

Intentionally or by accident, 

No-one knows. 


The drips become more frequent, 

More insistent,

Yearning to find an escape route. 


The drips become a trickling flow, 

Which pushes gently against the plug. 


But as it realizes there is no way out, 

The flow become faster, 


As it attempts to force its way through the blocked plughole

Down into the pipe which will ensure its freedom. 


Water pumping now, 

Filling up the bath, 


Desperately seeking any way out, 

Flowing and flowing, 

Pushing and shoving, 

Gaining in speed and force

Anxiety and Frustration 

Power and powerlessness. 


A hand comes to the plughole. 


And hovers there, 



The water ceases to gush. 


An inhalation of breath, 


And the hand moves away. 


In a howl of desperation 


The water returns to its state of panic, 

Filling up the bath

Until suddenly, 

The pressure becomes too much 


And the walls shatter. 


And finally, 


The water is free. 






A packet of matches

Someone somewhere 

Takes a packet of matches out of their pocket, 

Carefully freeing one spindly match from its cage, 

And strikes it against the side of its floral prison. 


A flame sparks. 

A weak, starving flame. 


It devours the stilt keeping it alive, 

Desperately seeking to satisfy its insatiable appetite. 


Growing and growing, 

Becoming more powerful, 

Until finally, 

It has eaten its beholder

And nothing is left except black, burnt dust. 


Time passes, until


Someone somewhere lights up another match, 


And they too, are burned.


My profuse apologies for taking so long to post anything on this page. This last month has been a whirlwind, with university exams, doctors worrying about my mental health, my mum also becoming extremely worried, and the fact that I am currently co-directing two plays, and producing another two. I hate not having the time to write and to dedicate myself to poetry and this blog, and I hate not giving my readers something in return for their follows and the work they produce. So again, I’m sorry. You should hopefully be hearing from me much more frequently in the future. Much love. 



Taking me through a blue-tinged dream 

Sounds become crisper 

Sights become clearer 

Smiles surround me. 


What takes me by surprise is that 

I’m smiling too


And this time, it isn’t false. 


My body moves strangely


And my neck and jaw hurt the next day 


But I don’t care because 


I smiled. 


And I don’t care that sweat dripped

My feet tripped

Clothes unzipped 




I smiled. 


And the blue-tinged dream always ends 

Sounds dull 

Colours fade 



It always contains a smile too 


For one brief moment 


When my dream becomes blue.