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Your photo is staring at me 
The plumes of my cigarette create a veil 
Grief hasn’t overpowered me yet 
Instead I listen to music and 
Intoxicate my body 
Cleaning away the sadness 
I keep flying to escape 
Runways provide a road to being a stranger in lands
Where no one knows our stories 
The ink on my arm seeps into my bloodstream 
Filling me with you 
I can’t swallow the lump in my throat
I see you in her blond curls 
In the tapping of his thumbs on the video controller 
Your face is plastered everywhere 
It’s touching 
But it makes me want to smash my fist through the glassy frames 
And pull you out and hold you close 
I don’t want to be touched yet 

Still you are looking at me 
I’m listening to acid 
And want to take it 
So that reality becomes warped 
A chosen distortion 
Maybe then I will see you again 
In a world I have chosen to twist 
Like you used to twist strands of my hair 
In between your fingers