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A blocked plughole

A tap drips. 

And the plughole is closed up.

Intentionally or by accident, 

No-one knows. 


The drips become more frequent, 

More insistent,

Yearning to find an escape route. 


The drips become a trickling flow, 

Which pushes gently against the plug. 


But as it realizes there is no way out, 

The flow become faster, 


As it attempts to force its way through the blocked plughole

Down into the pipe which will ensure its freedom. 


Water pumping now, 

Filling up the bath, 


Desperately seeking any way out, 

Flowing and flowing, 

Pushing and shoving, 

Gaining in speed and force

Anxiety and Frustration 

Power and powerlessness. 


A hand comes to the plughole. 


And hovers there, 



The water ceases to gush. 


An inhalation of breath, 


And the hand moves away. 


In a howl of desperation 


The water returns to its state of panic, 

Filling up the bath

Until suddenly, 

The pressure becomes too much 


And the walls shatter. 


And finally, 


The water is free.