Melting Waste

I want to melt into my skin whenever I hear about her

Melting into oblivion

Sifting through the cracks in the pavement

Mixing into my vomit

It feels good to intoxicate and empty

But I regret telling him my feelings

I don’t know him well enough to know if he deserves my secret

I don’t know me well enough to know if I deserve him.

Sifting through the cracks

It always sifts through the cracks

And manages to escape when I lose control

She’s making it difficult to keep a hold

To keep the cracks fastened shut with bolts and locks of my own creation

Unintentionally of course


And there are no hard feelings

Only those towards the monster eating her up inside

Insatiably destroying her body and inhabiting it.

Sifting through the cracks and into the waste of my fellow species

Flowing along with all the other badness

And into the raging sea

Across the oceans which divide her and I

Through the taps in the ICU

And into her bed.

I want to hold her.

To tell her I love her.

To tell her the things I never have

Before the monster takes over completely

And she is dumped as well.


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