Cranial Hallucination

The intricate gold and purple flower dissolves into 

My head 

As it is stretched and compressed by the lotus flowers encircling me

The newborn pink 

Petals flutter in an unfelt wind and press softly 

Slowly releasing their gentle 



I have to draw my entwining limbs 

As they feel their way through the stagnant and yet ever changing pool of 




And into the invisible soil 


I’m told to describe it but I can’t even see it 

So I cheat to make her happy 

“My feet feel good, in control, grounded” 

But I’m spinning in another dimension 


Grieving that I am not that beautiful flower, 

Reaching into the clouds and feeling no limit 


I have to draw my fantastical body 

But they won’t let me 

My hands 

The voices 

The pencils I interchange in steadily diminishing hope 

So I remain in that dimension

And the page remains blank 


To translate that undiscovered beauty. 



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